Friday, January 5, 2018


You've probably noticed by now that I tend to wear only a handful of pieces when it comes to jewelry. I've never been one to really pile the jewels and chains on, and have (for the most part) always stuck with simple + well-made pieces. In fact, if you really take a look at my photos from the last year I only wear 8 pieces regularly. So today I'm sharing all of them.

+ Your North Star Necklace / gold // Chupi
+ Worth Your Weight in Gold Farthing Coin Necklace / gold // Chupi
+ We Are All Made Of Stars Star Sign Necklace / gold / gemini // Chupi

+ Engagement Ring / Hexagon Ring / Champagne Diamond / Rose Gold // Satomi Kawakita
+ Wedding Band / Black Diamond Half Eternity Band / Rose Gold // Lauren Wolf
+ First Anniversary Ring / Black Diamond Crown Ring / Rose Gold // Marrow Fine

+ White Diamond Cleo Arch / Rose Gold // Marrow Fine
+ White Diamond Crown Ring / Rose Gold // Marrow Fine


  1. I absolutely adore your engagement ring - I discovered it ages ago and it's been at the top of my list ever since (the only thing on my list, tbh). I don't live anywhere close to one of her showrooms to try one on, though, so I'm curious - what size stone did you get? Thank you!!

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