Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Alaska is called "the last frontier", and in many ways it's a true description. So much of the land feels untouched and beautiful in its isolation. I had traveled to Alaska once before, almost a decade ago, and have spent the years since dreaming of returning. It may be summer in LA, but up in Alaska there's already a chill in the air, hinting at the approaching cold. I packed up some of my favorite Margaret O'Leary knitwear to shoot along the coastline while exploring, so scroll down to see the photos.

When I received this thick striped sweater in the mail, my first thought (gleefully and with all nerdiness) was that it reminded me of a knit that Hermione Granger would wear. It's just a perfect, timeless shape and color scheme, but the details are what struck me. A scalloped hem, slightly overlong sleeves (perfect for cuffing over a jacket, or for warming your hands), and different sized stripes. I'm planning a few trips this winter that will take me to colder climates, and I think this will be the first piece I put in my suitcase. Layered with a shirt underneath, or placed on top of a long dress - it's just a very 'me' sweater.

And speaking of traveling to colder climates - I figured if you're reading my blog, you have the right to be the first to know of my next major trip. This November, Eric and I will be heading to Scotland! A full road trip from London all the way north, with plenty of stops along the way. Getting to spend the weekend in Alaska was like a small teaser for cold weather and cozy knits, so I couldn't be more excited.

One of the days we were in Alaska, the rain stopped, and the clouds crept slowly back. I spent much of the day before in rain boots and a parka, so being able to wear a lighter knit felt a bit like a luxury. I chose this Margaret O'Leary pullover for the day, and it worked perfectly. The colors just fit in with the landscape, and the design felt just a bit retro and fun. I tucked it into some vintage denim, added a fuzzy coat, and felt immediately at home.

Later on in the day I had to break the parka back out (the weather changes so fast up north), but didn't mind the change of scenery. We saw glaciers, bears, moose, even a beluga while we were out and about. It was honestly the trip of a lifetime, and I'm glad I got to bring some of my favorite cozy knits along for the occasion. I'll be posting a small photo diary (where we ate, stayed, shopped, and traveled) for Alaska, but first and foremost wanted to share these photos to get you guys excited for Fall. It's just around the corner!

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  1. Hi Courtney, I'm a new follower and really love your take on styling for the colder seasons. I live in Canada and can't wait to be bundled up in the fall. I really like the first sweater and would love to add it to my collection but can't seem to find it on the website. I realize this probably means it's sold out but just in case, do you have any idea?
    Thanks and much love!

    1. Hey lady! It actually hasn't been released yet and is coming out later this week! So stay tuned, but you'll definitely be able to get first crack at it.

    2. Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that I don't think I would've ever bought the sweater after seeing the picture on the website but, once seeing it on you, I fell in love and bought it. It might be the best purchase I've ever made... I seriously love it so much and wanted to thank you!

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