Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm fully addicted to denim jacket flair. I'm talking pins, patches, embroidery - you name it. So here's a look at my current denim jacket collection, complete with flair.

I currently own four (count 'em, FOUR) denim jackets, and have no plans to give any of them up. Why is it - you may be asking yourself - that one person would need so many denim jackets? For my flair collection, of course. 

I have many pins and patches, and rather than pile them all onto one jacket, I have different jackets for different occasions. For instance, my Levi's jacket with the Tuesday Bassen 'My Heart Belongs To' patch on the back is a fitted option, for wearing with girly dresses. 

My Understated Leather x UO 'Heck Yes' jacket on the other hand, is a boxy 80s shape, and home to some of my more current pins (like my Bando beer and pizza pins), my Darling Distraction Sombrero pin, and my Crybaby Club 'Big Girl Panties' pin. My Lucky denim jacket? It has my name embroidered on it, and thus needed it's own pin collection, complete with vintage cowskull and pepper shaker pins.

But I didn't stop there. No. I needed a jacket to commemorate the biggest day of my life - my wedding date. So I had a custom jacket made by JN by JN LLLOVET with our wedding date on the back. That bad boy is coming along on our honeymoon OBVI.

So the real question is - which one is your fav? What sort of flair do you collect? And where can I buy more? Cause I'm always hunting. Or are you looking to start your own flair collection? My recommendation is to start here, and don't stop till you fill up a jacket or two.


  1. Truly amazing collection!!! Check out my DIY pins & patches denim jacket here: http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2016/04/diy-pins-patches-denim-jacket.html

    Is it Pretty Little Fawn Approved??

    Love from Mx,
    Lila Sirena

  2. You have a great pin collection and I'm obsessed with your wedding jacket! Such a rad idea. <3

  3. I love this cute vintage denim jacket ,i am obsessed with vintage clothing.Just love this cute and stylish jacket.

  4. I'm fully addicted to denim jacket flair, I've been in search of some cool pins and patches, i just saw your post and found it, these pins and patches will help in enhancing the beauty of my denim jacket flair,

  5. You have a great pin collection and I'm obsessed with your wedding jacket! Such a rad idea. <3

  6. Wow, This is quite beautiful to see, I have been at a few https://www.luxtime.su/wallet/louis-vuitton-wallet and they have shared some excellent designs there. Those pins and patches are looking quite amazing though. Will be getting those pins and patches soon

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