Wednesday, April 18, 2018


In the past, I've shared my makeup and skincare routines on the blog. But I realized more and more that I tend to reach for different products on different days / nights. Sometimes I need more moisture, sometimes I'm battling an oncoming breakout, and sometimes I'm just looking for a simple routine at the end of a long day. So rather than break down my beauty routine night by night or day by day (as it shifts so much), I've decided to show you every product I reach for in an average week. I kept track over the past 7 days and logged every product used to give you a full picture of my beauty rotation. Enjoy!

BIOSSANCE SQUALANE CLEANSING OIL : This is my go-to, use-every-night cleanser. It dissolves makeup like nobody's business and doesn't leave my face feeling dry. 
JOANNA VARGAS CHARCOAL BAR : I used this charcoal bar when I was feeling a bit grimier, or in the shower to really deep clean my pores.
FOREO LUNA : I used the Foreo device with the charcoal bar to really get a deep clean, especially around my chin and nose (where I tend to read out).
BIOSSANCE SQUALANE CLEANSING CLOTH : I had a late night this week when I just had no energy to properly wash my face, so was thankful for these wipes I keep on the nightstand. They're my last-ditch effort before my face hits the pillow if I'm especially tired. Plus I keep them in my gym bag for a post workout wipe-down.

RODIN OLIO LUSSO : I had a few days where my skin felt especially dry (I need to drink more water!) so I added this to my night time routine for a few days. Definitely woke up with plumper skin.
SISLEY ROSE OIL : It pains me to say this, but this week I used the last drop of this Rose Oil. I was using it day and night for a while, and when I started running low, I switched to just night. It sinks into skin like no other.
BIOSSANCE VITAMIN C ROSE OIL : Can you tell I like Biossance? I feel like this oil is so great for brightening my skin in the morning, especially if it's feeling dull.
FUR OIL : I've talked about this oil in the past, but had to bring it up again - this is for body hair, specifically pubic hair. If that's TMI for you, so be it, but I think it's a great product!

TATA HARPER EYE MASK : While technically not a cream, this eye mask is great for someone like me who deals with serious under eye circles. I recommend using this at night so it can sink in - during the day it will make your makeup slide right off.
LA MER GENAISSANCE EYE CREAM : This eye cream is not for the faint of heart - it is expensive. Just to be clear - I was lucky enough to receive this from the company as it's not in my price range, and I can say, it is incredible! But the price tag is a bit of a jaw dropper, so use your own judgement.
CLE DE PEU EYE CREAM : Another eye cream that I love, and the jar is just so lovely to look at. Be warned, this one is also a splurge, but it really does help plump the area under my eyes nicely.
BY TERRY LIP TREATMENT : Every night before I go to bed, I slather a serious amount of this on my lips. It's so moisturizing and a little bit goes a long way.

COSRX PIMPLE PATCHES : I had a rogue spot on my chin that I used one of these on. I love these patches, but they do seem to work better on spots that have already been popped. Gross, I know, but just my opinion!
ACZONE ACNE TREATMENT : I don't have a link to shop this product because it is a prescription acne treatment. I was prescribed it by my dermatologist at Facile Skin, and I use it a few nights out of the week on my chin and jawline where I tend to break out. I really like it, but as it is prescription, I would speak with your dermatologist.

SUPERGOOP SUNSCREEN SETTING SPRAY : Every single day, multiple times a day, I spray this sunscreen setting spray on my face and arms and chest. It is fine to go over makeup, and easy to reapply. And I do it ALL the time because sunburns are a huge fear of mine. Just make sure to keep your eyes closed!
SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES : I've mentioned this in the past, but I use this for resurfacing on my face one or two nights a week. It can be drying, but it has helped my uneven skin tone around my nose and on my cheeks. It does make my skin feel brand new, so I'm a fan.
CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR : This is more of an indulgence, but I keep this mist in the fridge for hot days or when I feel like my makeup is looking visible. It just sort of resets everything, smells amazing, and feels spa-like. I'm leaving on a flight tomorrow, and this is my in flight mist of choice. Planes are drying!

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE LOTION P50 : Okay, I used to think toners were BS. Totally an unnecessary step designed to dry your skin out. Until I started using this holy grail product at night. The name is a bit misleading, because it's not a lotion, it's a liquid. And FYI - It smells AWFUL. It stings a bit sometimes. But I swear by it for being one of the best additions to my skin care. Put a little bit on a cotton pad and swipe your face post wash, pre oil. It's a little hard to track down in the US, but I buy mine here.
SISLEY FLORAL TONING LOTION : This is my day time toner that I use every morning, and after removing makeup. Even after washing my face, I always find that my cotton pad soaker in this comes back a little grey - so I know it's removing extra dirt. I swear by toners now, in thanks to this and the BR Lotion p50.

THE OUAI ROSE OIL : This one is a bit of a 3-in-1. I used it as an oil on the ends of my hair after I washed my har, but I also mixed it into my bodylotion for a better scented and smoother finish on my skin. Plus, I put a few drops in the bath tub for a rose-y scent.
ORIBE TEXTURIZING SPRAY : There's a reason why every single person who blogs about hair talks about this spray. It's perfect. It's not a dry shampoo, but it is what I use to finish my hair after I curl it. It just gives the right amount of tousled-ness (is that a word?) and adds volume. I spray it around my roots and fluff it up. 
BUMBLE AND BUMBLE PRET A POWDER : I love dry shampoo, but I hate constantly going through can after can of sprays. This is a great powder option that is easy to pack and not have to drag out when going through TSA at the airport. Definitely coming with me on my trip tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the tips on toner! Rethinking my hardline stance against them that I developed in middle school lol

  2. Your skin looks flawless definitely going to be looking into all of these

  3. Do you wash with anything else after the Biossance oil?

  4. I love those Biossance Rose Oil! It's one of the few oil that's not oily and doesn't give me breakout. | Hint of Grey

  5. Loved the post <3

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