Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Last year I traveled to Paris to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Chloé's iconic fragrance. And with the release of their latest scent, Nomade, I was inspired to travel to a completely different landscape.

I've always felt a strong pull when it comes to the desert. Perhaps it's because I've lived in California my whole life, but something about it just feels like a dream come to reality. The colors are different, the landscape is unpredictable, and everything just feels like fantasy.

So when I received this bottle of Nomade by Chloé, something about the desert called to me. It is a fragrance for restless travelers, for romance and the freedom created by new horizons. So I packed a bag, my camera, and the idea of bathing in this new scent.

I find that with writing, it's often impossible to totally capture and convey what a fragrance smells like and evokes. The most notable scent for me in Nomade is oak moss, surrounded by florals, and an overall earthiness. It's at once identifiable as a Chloé scent, but something about it is just warmer and more sensual than I expected. I've been wearing it non stop since it arrived, and now everything that I brought home from my trip has a trace of it - which I don't mind at all.

This post was sponsored by Chloé Fragrances, however all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. So glad you forgot your outfit and had to buy that beautiful dress, the desert babe vibes are so good. Congrats on your partnership with Chloe, get it grrl!

  2. incredible. i was following your instastory and saw that you forgot your original outfit!

    obsessed with this i-can't-believe-it's-last-minute look & the overall shoot!


  3. The video came out lovely! It truly seems like leaving behind your original outfit was meant to be because that dress is gorgeous and worked perfectly. What an awesome opportunity as well!

  4. I saw you mention this shoot on your Instastory and I can't believe you managed to find this gem of a dress at such last minute! It looks beautiful though, it definitely looks as though it were planned all along.

    Sweet Serendipity

  5. The photos in this post are absolute perfection!! Ps. Where did you get the dress? The delicate sleeves and details are so prettyy pps. How on earth did u get a bathtub into the desert xD