Friday, October 27, 2017


If you happened to catch my IG stories last night, you may have seen my step-by-step nighttime skincare routine. Rather than link all the products individually there, I've decided to do a list here with links to each product and the order that I use them in.

BIOSSANCE CLEANSING OIL // This is the face wash I use twice a day. It's oil based, so goes on dry skin, and then I add water to rinse it.
SKII FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE // I've been using this since early Summer, and have sung it's praises before. I feel like it really makes my skin glow.
BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE LOTION P50 // I don't have a direct link to this product, but if you search it, there is only one spa in the US that carries it. They call it a lotion, but it really is just a liquid. I had heard it raved about for a long time before trying it. Full disclosure - it smells awful. And can sting a bit. But it really cleared up my skin and has helped fade acne marks.
BIOSSANCE SQUALANE + VITAMIN C ROSE OIL // My holy grail, don't-leave-home-without-it face oil. It makes my skin glow, and sinks right into my thirsty pores!
CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE INTENSE EYE CREAM // I'm including a link to this simply because it is the eye cream that I used in my video last night, but I have only used it twice, so I cannot fully endorse it. I will say, I love the texture and so far so good!
BIOSSANCE SQUALANE AND PROBIOTIC GEL MOISTURIZER // This is my go-to moisturizer that I use nightly and some mornings when my skin is dry. It glides on, and doesn't clog my pores at all.

ACNE TREATMENT // Last night in my video I showed my acne medication, simply for the sake of transparency. It's called aczone, and I use it around my chin 2-3 times a week to combat small breakouts.
SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES LACTIC ACID TREATMENT // I use this lactic acid on my face about once, maybe twice a week. It's strong (and cannot be used if you're pregnant, FYI!) and really has worked to improve the texture of my skin.


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