Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I've promised an Apartment Tour for ages, and today am happy to finally be able to deliver on that promise. Sure, my living room is still a work in progress - especially since we only moved a few months ago. There are definitely things that I want to upgrade and change, but for now, it's cozy and comfortable, and perfect for nights spent in. I will be continually adding Apartment Tour posts to not only include other rooms in the house, but to provide updates when we rearrange or acquire new furniture. But first up - our Living Room!

vintage chair (similar option here)

triangle shelf / instax frame / crochet cushion / plant hanger (sold out / similar options here and here)

ashtray (sold out / similar options here and here)
blue velvet couch (similar option here and here) / yellow cushion / marble coffee table  / wood coasters

 marble side table (sold out / similar choice here)


  1. I am really loving the space, Courtney. My boyfriend and I are re doing our apartment right now, and this gave me some great ideas! PS I'm now trying to find that exact ashtray lol ;)


  2. Love the space, Courtney! Would you mind if I ask where the triangle shelf is from? The link doesn't seem to work for me and I have been scouring the interwebs looking for something just like that! Thanks so much...and thanks so much for your lovely blog.

  3. Your style is so cute! If I had an apartment of my own, I would definitely use similar pieces to decorate the space! Love your blog! xo

    McKenzie |

  4. Great article, love it. BTW I’ve just written this post on how to wear high waisted jeans and thought you might like it :O)

  5. I really love the way this room has come together. I love that couch, so luxurious. Everything does look so precious. And I don't mean precious like granny's doilies, I mean precious like - really meaningful and reflective of you and your hubs. Can't wait for more rooms!

  6. Your home decor is impeccable.