Friday, September 16, 2016


Some shoes are made for walking. I've been a fan of Dansko for a long time, and when I saw their new oxford lace up called the Louise, I was smitten. It's the perfect blend of their minimalist style plus a collegiate looking lace-up. They're the perfect shoe for Autumn, and I can't wait to style them more ways.

This was a look I put together for a recent trip to the farmer's market shot by Andrew Oxenham. As Summer comes to an end (well we've still got a few weeks left in California), I couldn't resist one last chance to walk in my neighborhood and pick up a few things - including a bouquet of flowers. I loved the idea of pairing a super feminine floral dress with these practical yet cute shoes. Sort of the best of both worlds.

I've already begun dreaming up different fall outfits with them - I'm thinking for my next look, a chunky sweater, high rise denim, and maybe a little collared blouse underneath. They're such a versatile and cute shoe, and most important of all, they can take me anywhere with how comfortable they are.

Dansko Louise shoes / toyshop dress / MUR backpack

This post is sponsored by Dansko - all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love this dress, the pattern and the colour are perfect.

  2. Is this the stone or the taupe colour that you are wearing? :)

  3. I'll definitely be going back and recommend these guys to everyone. The flowers I ordered at this Flower Delivery Near Me turned out lovely. They took what I asked for and turned it into the loveliest of creations. 5-star bravo.

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