Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Sure, I can't shut up about my wedding, but did you know that I also totally can't stop talking about my upcoming Honeymoon too?

It's true. I'm basically telling anyone who will listen, that right now, I am hunting for amazing pieces for my honeymoon wardrobe. I guess it is to be expected, and hopefully forgiven, since I'll only get to take ONE honeymoon.

We will be taking a road trip through the south starting in New Orleans, and as someone who has a reeeeaaalllly hard time with heat, I'm very nervously preparing. I'm hunting for flowy pieces, breathable fabrics, and hopefully comfortable outfits that still look cute. 

I picked up this midi skirt from Ali Golden (just down the street from my place) and I love it! I got a chance to shoot some quick images of it with Dani of @daniroxannephotoI still can't quite figure out what shoes to wear with it (midis are hard, y'all) but I think I like it with a simple block heel. 


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