Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clog Lovin'

The clog - one of the most classic shoe styles, and one of the most versatile too. If you've been following my blog even for a week, then you know I am head-over-heels, hopelessly, and forever in love with clogs. Specifically my Swedish Hasbeen t-straps. I remember the first time I saw them, and that aching feeling of wanting to own them. I've had styles that I've fallen for in the past, only to quickly get over them, but my love of these clogs has been ongoing for several years. They are just the perfect shoe to grow with your wardrobe. Always on point, but never too trendy.

Which is why I wanted to style my collection of T-Straps three different ways! I love the nude shade and the black shade for everyday, but the red shoes are a little something special. For when you want to "jujjj up" your look. And that shade with the classic wooden sole? To die for.

Which look is your favorite? xoxo
look 2: Jumperfabriken Dress / Rodarte x Target Jacket


  1. You always just look so incredible Courtney. The third outfit is so simple and lovely and relaxed, and the two dresses are just gorgeous x

  2. You are such a princess Courtney! <3

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