Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Loved One

Last week I finally got to go to "The Loved One", a small vintage store in Pasadena that I've dreamed of visiting for ages. It's pretty much the cutest spot ever, owned by the cutest girl ever, filled with the cutest vintage dresses and lingerie that you've ever seen. It's perfect. Plus my boyfriend just started renting a house very nearby, so I had a very easy excuse to slip out and head over to the shop.

I walked in with the intention of "just looking" (yeah, I know, no chance of that), and was immediately drawn to the Nancy Drew / 1950's camping trip themed window display. Very Moonrise Kingdom-y, and very much my taste. And this very pinafore was on a mannequin in the window! They were kind enough to bring it down, let me try it on, and leave wearing it. I'm totally that girl who leaves a shop wearing her most recent purchase, grinning like an idiot.

So about the pinafore - it's totally a reworked vintage skirt that the talented ladies behind "The Loved One" have morphed into the cutest little dress. They had tons to choose from, some with full skirts, and some more like the one I left with. All sorts of plaids, and even some more summer-y ones that were on sale. It was really hard not to drop my entire bank account in the store, but I'm totally planning on coming back. Plus, they throw a bi-monthly ladies night called Gal Friday that I am planning on attending next - cocktails, vintage frocks, and small treats. Basically my ideal Friday night in a nutshell.

thrifted peter pan collar bouse / pinafore by "the loved one / vintage cat pin / shellys glitter heels / heart ring by ohhellofriend


  1. The colors in this dress look so beautiful on you! I love The Loved One, or at least their online store, since I'm on the East Coast!


  2. I would love so much to visit this adorable little shop. You look stunning in that frock and the shoes are wonderful as well! Very happy to have just stumbled across your blog. xo