Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's already beginning to feel a lot like Summer here in Southern California. I almost feel like I've forgotten how to dress myself in hot weather. So coming up with this outfit took a bit of creativity on my part. I forgot about this skirt that I had bought at the Flea Market months ago (Back when I was still thinking about pairing tights with it), and since I have so few tops, I had to wear this slip as a shirt. It sort of works? Aside from the wrinkles that is. Just another example of the fact that my closet is almost entirely dresses. I'm so bad about buying separates!

And one thing that Summer means to me this year is SANDALS. Such a new concept for me, as I'm usually the kind to shy away from anything even remotely sandal-like. These Swedish Hasbeens here though have converted me into a sandal-loving-machine. Now all I need is a decent pedicure to go with them. They're seriously the epitome of what Summer should look and feel like, and I can't stop staring at my feet whenever I have them on!

Plus, if it's Summer, that means it's time for shades. I've always been a Wayfarer RayBan kind of gal, but I was smitten with this pair of Prada sunglasses that I saw on one of my friends. The only thing in the way of me rushing out and getting them was the $250 price tag. Yikes. So not in my budget. But once again, the internet smiled upon me, and I was able to score this pair alllllmost brand new on eBay for $60! Aw yisssss. 

So tell me, are you ladies breaking out your Summer-wear yet? Or waiting until next month?
thrifted slip / vintage 70s skirt / brown leather t-bar sandals courtesy of swedish hasbeens / prada sunglasses


  1. Ooh I love the skirt, it's so simple and summery!
    It's definitely warm enough in South Carolina for sandals already!


  2. You look so pretty Courtney! That skirt is so lovely, and such wonderful colours too! xxx


  3. I'm obsessed with this skirt. You look adorable!!

    xox Sammi