Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Most of the Time

So many of my outfit posts on here are vintage dresses and cute heels. And while I love dressing that way, it's not how I look all of the time. I work at a very simple job, I spend a lot of time in my car, and most days I don't have to interact with a lot of people. So on those days, I'm often found in simple, comfortable, easy clothes. And while that means something I can throw on, I want it to be something that makes me feel cute too.

When I saw this Hello Apparel sweatshirt on extreme markdown for $12 on their site, I snatched it up. I already knew about the brand from instagram, and had seen it on many other bloggers. And words cannot express just how comfortable this sweatshirt is. I haven't owned a sweatshirt in years, and used to turn my nose up at them. But when it's well-done and stylish, there's nothing wrong with a little cottony comfort.

This past week has been a bit up and down - including a burst pipe in my bathroom - but I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling better about the next few days. I have a photoshoot coming up this Friday at the Salton Sea (so excited!), I have a ton of new things to add to my shop, and my tax return is en route (hooray money!). Things are lookin' up!

bdg black cigarette jeans / hello apparel sweatshirt / thrifted saddle shoes / vintage necklace


  1. You look lovely! That jumper is so fun! xxx

  2. So cute! I love the sweatshirt, and your little saddle shoes are adorable!

    xox Sammi

  3. I work in an extremely casual environment and am always trying to find ways to reconcile my need to be fashionable with the complete impracticality of dressing up. I like to hear you're in a similar situation and make it work. - Leah,