Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tote Bag Giveaway!

Hello ladies (and gents), today I have a wonderful giveaway for all you lovely readers! If you're like me, you have quite a few bags. Weekend bags, clutches, backpacks, even bags made of cowhide! But one bag that everybody (both genders!) needs is a good tote bag. Which is why when the lovely folks at Laurence King publishing contacted me about giving away their new book "The Tote Bag" by Jitesh Patel, I was thrilled!

I always carry a tote bag with me on long trips (you can pack one in your suitcase), going to the library, and of course going to the Farmer's Market. It's such a simple shape, but the outside of it is always so unique. Many amazing designers over the years have had rad tote bag designs, not to mention all the bands that have tote bags as merch at their shows. Who didn't have a Postal Service tote bag in high school, right?

So for this giveaway you'll receive the book "The Tote Bag" by Jitesh Patel. It's full color and features hundreds of amazing tote bag designs, a little background on tote bags, and other fun things you might not have known! And, as an awesome bonus, you'll receive your book in this rad red tote bag by Laurence King publishing! In order to enter this giveaway, follow the simple steps below:

3. Comment below with your email address, and where you'd like to take your new book in your new tote bag if you won!

And that's all! Open to US residents, giveaway ends Friday March 8th. Good luck!


  1. As a design/illustration major, this looks really interesting! Plus I need a good tote bag. I'd love to take my book and bag to class to show off to my design classmates and my illustration professor!


  2. I love your whimsical and flirty style and outrageous red mane!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

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