Monday, March 18, 2013

To Have and to Hold

I spend a lot of my time at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, and vintage shops. IF you've been reading my blog for a while now,  you probably know all of these things. I love getting up early, grabbing a cup of coffee, and scouring as many locations as I can. Sometimes I find things for myself, but a lot of the things I find end up in my Etsy shop.

The tough part is - I love vintage clothing. I would easily be a collector/ hoarder of vintage dresses if I could afford it and had the space. The sad fact is, I often let go of pieces I really love, and sometimes it's hard. The reason I do it is because I don't need all the lovely things I find. I don't. I would never wear all of them, some of them don't suit me, and some of them are so similar to things I already have. So I let as much go as I can.

I found this green sweater at an estate sale and fell in love. Missing a few buttons, sure, but I saw how darling the print was and had to have it. But I had to have it for my shop. I fall in love with clothing all the time, the difference is, sometimes I fall in love with things FOR someone else. Selling a sweet 1950s dress or a pair of boots from the 70s to an excited customer makes everything I do worth it. It helps me let go of things I love when I see that someone else will love them more.

So when I question - should I keep this? Do I need it? Do I love it? I always remind myself - someone out there will love it more.

vintage 60s sweater / vintage blouse / thrifted leather shorts / hair bow courtesy of KMLittle Somethings


  1. Your hair looks amazing! Great cardigan


  2. You look gorgeous! Love that cardigan! xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's by the shop KM Little Somethings. They're super affordable, here's a link to their shop if you like!

  4. Beautiful outfit! I understand what you mean about being torn - I'm in the process of going through my closet for things to give away or sell, and it's hard to part with ANYTHING even though I probably only wear about half the stuff I own!

    xox Sammi

  5. Love those shorts, you always look so perfect!