Thursday, January 3, 2013


These next few days are going to be a little hectic. My boyfriend's brother is getting married, so today we are off to attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner. I've never been to a rehearsal before, but as it require dressing up, I'm happy. This is only the 3rd wedding I've attended, so I'm still fairly new to this game, but I'm getting the hang of it. Plus I'll know so many people at the wedding this time, so it'll be nice to have friendly faces to have a drink with.

In other news, I suspect I may be coming down with a cold, so this morning I had a great big cup of tea in my Anthropologie mug I received for Christmas. I don't want to be sniffling and sneezing at the wedding unless it's because I'm getting misty-eyed! Here's hoping I can fend off any oncoming illness in time to look like a normal human being at the wedding tomorrow!

anthropologie knit dress / vintage belt / target gold polka dot tights / anthropologie mug


  1. You look lovely! And your mug is great! xxx

  2. Classy, unique and fun dress.

  3. I love your dress, so beautiful! Is it knitted? xxx
    Happy new year xxx

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  4. Oh my god that dress is beautiful!

  5. I love that Anthropologie mug! Your outfit is adorable!
    -Aimee Owl