Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bundled Up

These past few weeks have been so chilly in California! I realize how spoiled we are here, that when it dips down into the 30s at night, we call that cold - but for us, it is! Which is why I was really happy to spot this scarf at Goodwill. It's from the most recent collection at Target, and if you don't already know this, Goodwill and Target have a bit of a partnership, at least in Orange County. Goodwill receives a lot of their clearance items to sell in their stores, so it's a great way to find a coveted Target piece if you missed out the first time. I've found such great things this way.

This scarf is no exception. At $9.00, I found it to be a bit pricey for my taste, but, I reasoned, it would keep my neck warm. It's so long, so it can be tricky wearing it and making it look normal, but the pattern is so fun! I paired it with my standard ASOS duffle coat, some gold dot tights, and my Shelly's shoes, for a look that keeps me pretty toasty!

Hope you're all keeping warm out there!

target scarf / ASOS duffle coat / target gold dot tights / Shelly's of London "Clog Cabin" via Modcloth


  1. You look lovely! Such a gorgeous coat, and the pattern of your scarf is amazing! xxx

  2. omg i'm DYING over that scarf! i think a trip to target is in order...! you look great - seriously way cute!

  3. You're gorgeous , love your coat xx