Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going to the Chapel

As promised, here are my photos from the wedding I attended in central California over the weekend. It was chilly during the day, and down-right cold at night, but somehow a whole group of ladies survived in cute short dresses. Fashion can overcome any sort of physical discomfort I suppose.

I ordered this dress from The Paraders after seeing every blogger post about the new collection. And I wasn't disappointed at all when it arrived. Lovingly handmade, with a full skirt and buttons up the front, it was perfect for the retro themed wedding and the vintage motel. I'm seriously contemplating wearing it all the time, it's just that comfortable and flattering. Plus, I can imagine it looking great on a variety of sizes - it'd be incredible on an hour glass figure. Alas, I had to fake one with a corset and a petticoat underneath.

But oh, the floral crown! As much as I want to wear the dress all the time (and I will try!), I KNOW I will wear the floral crown all the time. No joke, I'm wearing it right now. I wore it to breakfast after the wedding, it's on my head tonight as I go to a restaurant launch, and I'm sure everyone I know will be sick of it in a week. But I don't care! It's perfect, handmade, and so very me. It was graciously given to me by Chelsea of the Etsy shop Johnny & June. Which if you've never seen her stuff, hop on over to her site and her Facebook page. I'm lusting after this dress and this necklace. Such a great label, and so well made!!

Hope you've all had a lovely start to your week, and stay tuned! I have a few give-aways up my sleeve for later ...

paraders rosie dress / floral crown c/o johnny & june / asos stockings / swedish hasbeens t-straps / f21 necklace / anthropologie cuff


  1. You look absolutely lovely! That dress is amazing and the accessories are beautiful too. Keep rocking the floral crown!

  2. Oh my gosh, such a lovely outfit! It's awesome! Your dress is gorgeous, and your floral crown is so cute! Love it xxx

  3. Oh, that floral crown! It's pretty much perfect. White and with flowers not to fulsome or big! Lovely, lovely look.

  4. I'm pretty sure you should be my new best friend. I up and quit my job about a month ago and decided to open a vintage shop and pursue social media consulting... so I know what it's like to have the lowest budget possible! You're totally gorgeous, too, duh.

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance! I feature my favorite vintage things on Mondays and all sorts of other goodies throughout the week :)


  5. Youre so stunning, love the outfit xx

  6. Well this is just the prettiest outfit I ever have seen!