Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stone Brewery

*Pardon the photo quality - once again I did not recharge my camera batteries, so my boyfriend was sweet enough to shoot these on his iPhone.

Earlier this week my boyfriend and I took a trip down to Escondido to Stone Brewery. We made a whole day out of it and even elected to stay the night at a hotel rather than drive back post beer-tasting. If you've never been to a brewery before, this is the one you should go to. Not only is the brewery tour totally rad (they show you all of the giant machinery needed to make vast quantities of beer), but they have such a great restaurant and garden as well.

We happened to be there during "Mustache-Tober" which was some event being put on by the local fire department. Hence the firetruck shot. I was super excited to sit on the front of it, but dissapointed that there was no hood of the truck for me to "White Snake" it on.

We sat outside, next to a creek while the sun set, having a delicious drink. I was already "beer-ed out" at this point, so I was having wine. It was perfect. We're both about to become extremely busy, so this was sort of a preemptive vacation before all of that begins. And it was the ideal trip. We had the best dinner (quail legs and beer mac' and cheese? Yes please!), and even bought some souveniers from the gift shop. 

All in all, it was a perfect trip.

cloth & stone blouse / bdg denim / vintage frye boots / new york & company parka / see by chloe mini bag

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