Monday, October 29, 2012

Penny Lane

It's weird to think of there being multiples of any vintage item. I always think that when I purchase a vintage dress, sweater, or coat that I have the ONLY one of that specific item. But it's always possible and often likely that there is more than one of that item if it was mass-produced decades ago. It's so weird to think about!

When I was thrifting last week, I cam upon this coat, and immediately recognized it. I had seen this coat, this EXACT coat dozens of times on one of my friends. It's practically her signature coat, and she always gets compliments on it. Except that this wasn't the same coat, her coat was safely at home in her closet. It just happened to be the same coat, passed on from some other woman's closet.

That's what I love about vintage and thrifted clothes. There's always a surprise out there, folks.

vintage thrifted coat

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  1. A gorgeous coat. Bet you-and your friend- will continue to get lots of compliments.