Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Small Step

Last week I did what I like to call a "Thrift Store World Tour". Which basically means that a friend and I jump in my car, map out as many thrift shops as possible, and hit them all. Extra points if you get a gigantic iced coffee to take along on the trip.

We had a very successful trip, hitting up about 6 thrift shops, and coming away with several bags of clothing and accessories. Sometimes I find things for myself to wear, and I am particularly excited - but other times I find things that are too big/too small/not quite "me" and thus are right for my Etsy shop. Such was the case this time. While I did manage to find a jacket for myself, the vast majority of things I found were for Velvet Bow. 

For instance, I am in love love love with these fringed boots. But my size 8s baaaaarely fit into them (labeled a size 6, but they're probably a 7). I tried to convince myself as I limped around the shop that they fit. But alas, far too small. Not quite a win for me, but perhaps a win for some other girl out there. Ditto for this floral  dress - tooooo small. Definitely for a size 0 out there, the waist just barely buttons, hence the belt over it. It's meant for a 24" waist, which I don't think I've had for a while.

So one step for Pretty Little Fawn, and one giant leap for the girls who end up owning these pieces.

PS: I have a Contest going on now! Click here, it ends on Friday, and you could win!!

PPS: Yes, I did buy the same IKEA Lappljung rug as every other blogger. SO SUE ME, I LIKE IT. Hahaha.


  1. Wow love the outfit,so pretty.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and you are adorable! These are such great thrifted finds, and a thrift store world tour (with giant iced coffee) sounds like just about the best day I could think of! use tried to find your GFC button to follow along but didn't see it! Anyway, I will for sure be back!
    I hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

    1. Hey there! Thanks for letting me know about the button, it is fixed now. I hope you'll follow me on Bloglovin', can't wait to check out your blog too!


  3. Adorable dress - perfect for fall!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Love your boots!

  5. Looove this outfit so much! Ugh, how I wish I was a 24" just for that dress.. Just for a day, haha! I'm sure some lucky tiny lady will love it :) Great post<3

  6. This dress is so beautiful, it complements you so beautifully! Shame about the boots, they are indeed fab!

  7. Gorgeous dress,nice blog

  8. Aw, your dress is so cute & your hair is fabulous, such a vibrant red :)

    le fresne x

  9. You are too cute!
    I love this dress.
    I'm going to have to follow you!


  10. Love this look! Daring and quirky and cute.