Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY High Waist Shorts

I've been on such a DIY and crafting spree lately! Last week I showed you my altered thrift store dress and an embroidered wall-hanging I made, and this week I present to you, my latest - a pair of high waisted, distressed shorts.
I bought a pair of high-waisted "mom jeans" at a thrift store, cut them short, and started the process of wearing them down. I used to just use scissors and sand-paper, but after cruising Pinterest, I learned that one of the best tools is ... a cheese grater. No joke, a cheese grater. And it totally worked! Gave the perfect worn in and torn look that I wanted. Since some of the holes were a bit large, I placed some leopard print fabric behind them, and viola! Project complete.
I chose to pair them with this denim vest I thrifted from the children's section this weeked, and my newest purse. It's a See By Chloe cross-body that I scored on eBay for $40 - brand new. I couldn't wait for this little baby to arrive in the mail. And it certainly is little - just enough room for a phone and some keys and maaaaybe a chapstick. 
As much as I love these shorts, I've decided to sell them on Etsy - they're not totally my style, and I'm hoping someone else will love them and give them a good home. Perhaps one of my readers! Head over to my shop to check them out.

thrifted denim vest / thrifted red belt / jcrew white tank / see by chloe mini poya / diy high waist shorts

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