Monday, August 13, 2012


Let it be known that this is my favorite outfit of all time. I am obsessed with this dress. I have been a fan of Leah Goren for a long time. Ever since I saw Erin of Calivintage in one of her cat print dresses, I was hooked.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with her work, Leah Goren has long had a shop on Etsy. In addition to her custom cat print dresses, she also makes crop tops, cards, scarves, and little pouches. All with her own watercolor designs lovingly stamped on them. Her custom cat dress retails for $180 on Etsy, so it was always out of my price range, but still I lusted after it. I repinned the dress on Pinterest. I googled images of bloggers in it. I even dreamt about it.
So when I heard that Leah Goren was going to do a collaboration with Anthropologie, I was over the moon. I kept my fingers crossed that those lovely cat print dresses would be available in a shop for me to try on and hopefully purchase. And my wishes were granted! Leah Goren redesigned the dress in a slightly different shape, but still kept the signature cat faces stamped all over it. So I snatched one of those dresses up as quick as I could!
The dress is still quite expensive, don't get me wrong. I am a thrifty girl, and I live to save money, but sometimes you gotta splurge. Considering how many hours I've thought about this dress, I could justify the purchase. And, something about being able to try it on in person, rather than ordering it online made it easier to go though with the transaction. I couldn't be happier!

Who are some small/independent designers you love? Leave a comment below and let me know!

leah goren for anthropologie dress / swedish hasbeens via modcloth
PS: For those of you windering, yes I am wearing the dress backwards. I like the way it sits better this way, so now all I have to do is have the darts removed, and it's good to go! 


  1. Um, best dress ever?

    xo Jennifer

  2. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on Erin, too! I am definitely going to Anthropologie today to try it on and drool over it some more :)

  3. Ahhhh everyday is caterday ;) You look amazing! Your blog is so lovely too xo

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm so happy I did! I love your photos and outfits! You look like an actress or a model - so pretty. :)

    happy evening,
    jenn x

  5. Elle est tres sympa ta robe!Super!
    Angela Donava

  6. Such a cute dress! We all need a splurge from time to time! x

  7. this dress is absolutely adorable! love it. great blog:)