Monday, July 16, 2012

Home of the Brave

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I just got back from a little road trip in the desert! I headed out Friday night with two of my good friends and stayed in Pioneertown. I didn't get any pictures from that nights, but this is from the second day when we we're out in Joshua Tree. So much fun, and not too terribly hot. We managed to survive the 95 degree heat thanks so a good amount of cut-off shorts and crop tops, haha.

I saw this painted on the side of a building in town, and as soon as I saw it I pulled over for a photo op. It was too perfect with my matching tank-top! I scored this top at Wasteland last week for $16, and it was ideal to beat the heat. Nice and airy.

Overall, the weekend was incredible - the next day we headed to Palm Springs to stay at the Seguaro - so more photos to come soon!

usa tank from wasteland / vintage cut-offs / vintage sunrock sunglasses / vintage jewelry

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