Friday, June 1, 2012


Okay, so I may be mildly obsessed with all things Nautical. I have no shame in that. It's been a love of mine for so long, and I don't see it going away any time soon. It's classic, but still fun, so for me, it's ideal. I found this top the other day in an Antique store in Oldtown Orange. So excited that it not only fit, but was in great shape given its age. I'll probably wear it too much in the coming months, but with how hot it's about to get, I'd say it'll be just fine.

Thanks once again to everyone following me on Bloglovin', I can't believe how much the blog has grown lately! So many views and wonderful comments from readers. Seriously, keep 'em coming, I love reading all of your thoughts! And if you aren't already, you too can follow me on Bloglovin here!

vintage nautical blouse / DIY cut off shorts / jessica simpson flats / asos heart necklace / tulani's wall art


  1. I'm totally obsessed with all things nautical lately, too! And this outfit is SO adorable!

    PS. I am completely in love with your hair... gorgeous!


  2. Cute outfit!
    Love the blouse!
    S xx