Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Late Spring Finds

Some of my favorite items that are completely Spring-appropriate. Each of these are just so effortless and completely amazing. I've been lusting after that heart ring for ages, but only recently discovered this crystal cuff. All found on Pinterest, sources here: one, two, three, four, and five.


  1. LOVE that heart bracelet but thank u for sharing all these beautiful items =)

  2. I am in love with that suit, but all of these are so good! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! I also really love your summer dessert shot from your previous post but I didn't want to be the creeper coming by and commenting on everything! You're blog name and header are adorable!
    Hope you are having a terrific Wednesday!
    xo Hannah

    1. Thanks so much, glad you like the blog!

  3. I love that amethyst cuff. I'm sure it weighs a ton but would be so worth it!