Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Chanel Shorts

A few months ago I found the ugliest bermuda shorts you've ever seen at a resale shop. But when I saw the Chanel logo on the button and the gold detailing, I thought maybe, I could convert them into something cute. Afterall, I'm a sucker for high waisted anything. After snipping off a foot of fabric on each leg, cuffing them, and sewing them, I was happy with the final result. High waisted, cuffed, Chanel shorts. I love me some chanel.

vintage chanel shorts/ h&m blouse / vintage rings / forever 21 necklace / topshop allegra boots


  1. Love your shorts :) and those allegra booties are just too cute! I've been thinking of buying them in burgundy...would you say they are comfy?


  2. I love that you had to salvage Chanel! What a great DIY and you look lovely in leopard.

  3. Beautiful blouse!

    xo Ashleigh


  4. gorgeous attire! very perfect for the background of the photos!

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  5. love the shorts, amazing DIY! and great pics!


  6. love you Chanel shorts :-) oh and watch out. I once posted about a DIV YSL projetk and later my post was deleted ( you know because of copywright)

  7. Thanks so much for the comments guys! Nimue, the Allegra boots are sooo comfy, I'm wearing them right now!

  8. Gorgeous photos, I love the lighting. Your outfit is lovely too x

  9. great post...I have the same type of thinking in resale shops! glad you found my blog b/c now I get to see yours...awesome!!